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Amélie Ebongué is a brand leader with a cultural-shift approach who has developed transformative and digital-first brand strategies that delivered sustainable growth. She is a people-first marketer focused on building diverse, empowered teams to inspire new ways of thinking. She is an experienced brand builder and forecaster thinker with a passion for connecting brands with the right audiences. Amélie Ebongué is a multicultural marketing leader with a strong track record in brand marketing, digital trends and social media platforms. From Skyblog to Vine, then from LinkedIn to TikTok, Amélie Ebongué was part of the birth of the first social platforms. Her in-depth knowledge of Internet culture as it scores on the full spectrum of digital media consumption allows her to refine her vision and explain how communities define themselves online and shape their relationships with brands. A true connoisseur in the digital age, she is able to identify the conversations that are live on social platforms and analyze future usage trends. Her evolving approach to marketing, allows her to build global campaigns on behalf of technology companies like Huawei as part of the launch of the P20 Pro and for LinkedIn Europe on the launch Stories product. Amélie Ebongué brings to the table a diverse background in brand management, consumer products, emerging technologies, and valuable entertainment firms.


After a Bachelor in Language Sciences at the University of Paris Descartes, she hold a MBA in Digital Strategies at Esupcom' (Sciences U.) and another MBA in Strategic Planning, Digital Strategies and Brand Content at Sup de Pub (Omnes Education formerly known INSEEC U.). Her career began in various advertising agencies such as VLM Y&R, Auditoire and Publicis Groupe. Her approach to business was tailored within the lens of media firms and entertainment remarkable brands like Forbes, Le Figaro, and HYPEBEAST to name a few, but also on behalf of some hospitality, technologies and consumer-leading companies. According to Hubspot, Amelie has been personally recognized as a leading marketer in the industry and adept at creating campaigns that make an impact and rise above the noise. An accomplished trailblazer professor in marketing in the digital age and content strategy on social platforms, she teaches in several institutions like Omnes Education, her former school, Paris School of Luxury, Sup Paris, Digital College, Faculty of Aix Marseille, and now abroad in Canada and the United States.


In 2021, Amélie Ebongué wrote her first book Génération TikTok: Un nouvel eldorado pour les marques published by Hachette. The same year following its publication, the book became a bestseller on Amazon and sold several thousand copies with worldwide distribution in several European countries including France, Switzerland, Belgium, and globally in French-speaking Africa in Algeria, Congo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Guinea, Senegal, Morocco and Benin to name a few. 


Amélie Ebongué champions people where they belong. She uses her voice in the industry to identify opportunities for brands to act as human bridges platforms to uplift the next generation of future decision makers. As an international speaker, she continuously shapes industry discourse through pioneering ideas, cutting-edge insights and foresight into emerging trends. From Bogota, Lisbon, London, Stockholm to Las Vegas, she shares her knowledge in the evolving technology industry. Amélie Ebongué is one of the faces of global marketing with a multicultural approach to online communities and she’s one of the 50 Black Marketers to follow in 2023 according to the American African Marketing Association. 


In 2023, she launch a monthly newsletter From Social Media Manager to Chief Marketing Officer exclusively on LinkedIn, where she illustrate her professional journey, based on her personal experiences on the path of the Social Media Manager profession towards the successive initiatives, and understanding comprehension of the C-Suite as a Chief Marketing Officer with her personal views as a black woman, marketer in the technology era, as a mother and opinionated thoughts while living abroad.


Scholarly wise, Amélie Ebongué’s research agenda focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to black humanities and bodies analysis in the digital media. She is interested in psychoanalysis, postmodernism, media theory, and social media damages. Using computing technology for expressive purposes in digital media throughout entertainment culture and consumer behaviors leverage her interdisciplinary workflow. Amélie Ebongué is definitely nurtured by her environment, roots and turned her analysis in practice and theory to develop innovative research approaches, and critically debate that change the narrative of the black image and beyond.


Social media is her last long bread and butter expertise for almost a decade. This gave her the perception to observe consumers’ habits, interests, addiction and now damages. Her first essay where she researches and investigates one of the most-used social entertainment apps of our century, TikTok, is one of the major explanations of the valuable work she presents globally. On a pedagogical level she’s also engaged by developing a multitude of analytical approaches including ethnographic, historical, statistical, and cultural lenses.

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